Camera-based sensors for smart robots

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The following shows some exemplary use cases and applications for robots using our sensing system. Do not hesitate to tell us about your application! We will provide a quick evaluation of what our technology can do to solve your automation problem!

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Our camera-based sensing technology enables lightweight, low-cost and mobile robot arms. They fit on any desk or workbench to assist a human worker. With integrated computer vision, they are easily adaptable and can detect objects.

Take your grasping applications to the next level! Handle objects of different shapes, rigidities and materials with a single versatile and self-adapting gripper. With our tactile sensor, you get rich feedback about the grasped object and the grasping state.

Commission small parts such as screws, fittings or plastic part in exact quanities for packagaing or for subsequent worksteps. The robot can do this step even right on the workbench using our versatile grasping system, or any another manipulator.

Monitor the status of your automation systems by adding our software-based sensors. Data and statistics are processed on-site or in the cloud and presented on any web browser.

Package parts or components provided by a machine or a human worker. Our camera-based system flexibly localizes new parts, picks them and places them to a free spot.


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