Jobs and student theses at Visevi

Please send your application preferably via Indeed, otherwise by e-mail to, including:

  • Your CV
  • Your latest degree / transcript (students)
  • Projects (freelance/hobby/job/student) you did with relevant technologies. Please use a table/list with short description, results, used technologies and links (GitHub, presentation, YouTube videos, etc.).
  • Briefly: Why you are interested in Visevi, how did you find us?
  • Clearly state what job you are applying for
  • Please do not write a long cover letter, and only include highly relevant documents. We do not need certificates, certificate of enrollment, recommendation letters of jobs in other fields, etc.

Master/Bachelor thesis

Visevi is a great place to write your Master/Bachelor thesis or do other study projects! Use the ma-thesis filter for Master's theses or ba-thesis for Bachelor's theses or other projects. These are research-related topics – we will adapt them to your preferences. For TUM students, we can usually organize an advisor from the EI/CS departments.

Thesis requirements, in general:

  • Proven experience in relevant fields – depending on topic in robotics, computer vision, control or electronics
  • Project work in these fields, ideally research work and publications
  • translate Great coding skills in C++/Python
  • Experience in ROS and Linux
  • Relevant study program with exceptional grades

Working students

Working student (Werkstudent m/w/d) positions are part-time positions for students in Munich. Use the #studentjob filter. They cannot be combined with a thesis. Please let us how how many hours you have per week and how the job fits to your studies/your location.

Our benefits

  • Maker & Coder package for your own projects
  • Free drinks
  • Reduced prices in WERK1 cafe
  • Access to offers by WERK1, Munich's famous startup incubator
  • Full-time: Attractive early-employee startup package

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Participate in our on-going software development in computer vision, robotics algorithm, control and HW/SW interfaces. Proven experience in professional coding in ROS required.

Camera-based tactile sensing replaces hardware sensors on robots by a computer vision software solution! Develop and optimise this patented technology on intelligent robots for production use.

Develop and optimise computer vision algorithms for camera-based sensing on intelligent robots for production use. This patented technology replaces hardware sensors by a software solution. You work with state-of-the-art algorithms in ROS.

Design and construction of mechanics, structure and electronics of a low-cost robot arm using the novel measurement and control approach of camera-based sensors

Develop and implement exciting and new applications of computer vision on intelligent service robots, such as sensing, grasping and object detection! You work with state-of-the-art algorithms in ROS.

Entwicklung und Aufbau eines Embedded Vision System für Robotikanwendungen: Anpassung von Vision-Algorithmen für Sensorik, Greifen und Bin Picking auf GPU in Realzeit

Assistenz bei Marketing und Sales in einem Tech-Startup bei wichtigen Prozessen, wie z.B. Lead Management, Sales Support, Social Media, Web

Design und Aufbau von Mechanik, Struktur und Elektronik eines low-cost Roboterarm mit dem neuartigen Mess- und Regelungsprinzip der kamerabasierte Sensoren


Visevi Robotics GmbH
in WERK1, Atelierstr. 29
81671 Munich, Germany