Intelligent Bin Picking


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Versatile bin picking

Recognizes and grasps a large variety of objects using deep learning technology. Object models or pre-training are not required!

Cost Effective and flexible

Avoids inflexible, expensive and custom-made feeding systems. The software works with the low-cost RealSense camera.

Plug & Play with ROS interfaces

Allows an easy plug & play setup due to a tight integration of the camera, software and gripper with standardized ROS interfaces.

Reliable Gripping with tactile sensing

Monitors the gripping process with tactile sensing to ensure an accurate, rapid and secure grip.


Our bin picking solution is available in various packages, ranging from software only to a fully integrated solution, which includes services and hardware, such as robot arm, gripper and camera. Select the following modules as required:

  • Bin picking software

  • Interface & Web UI

  • Tactile sensitive grasping

  • Intelligent gripper & camera

  • Robot arm

  • System design & Integration

  • Object training

  • Bin picking software: The core of our solution, an intelligent AI-based bin grasp planning software is available as a stand-alone software module. Thanks to its standardized Robot Operating System (ROS) interfaces, integration with any ROS-enabled robot arm or gripper is straight-forward.
  • Intelligent gripper: Packaged with ViseGrip, we can provide an intelligent EOAT solution for intelligent bin-picking. ViseGrip integrates an industrial gripper, an advanced motor controller and a stereo vision system. It also features camera-based sensors for tactile data (ViseTac) for online grasp control and sensitive gripping.
  • Full system: A full bin-picking system has been developed jointly with Keba Group, integrating KeMotion Flex Core and a Kawasaki RS005N arm. For the entire system, communication relies on standardized open ROS interfaces, allowing for custom extensions by the client.


Component Features
  • Intel RealSense low-cost depth camera
  • Compatible with most other depth cameras
Compatible robot arms UR arms, any ROS-enabled arm
Sensing and feedback Camera-based tactile sensing ViseTac for:
  • Sensitive grasping for soft and fragile objects
  • Automatic grasp force adjustment
  • Grasp verification
Suitable objects
  • Broad range of objects, typ. 1cm to 10cm
  • Graspable by two-finger gripper
  • E.g. for glass, plastics, fruits/food
Grasping algorithm Model-free AI-based grasp point detection and scoring. Grasps unknown objects, no training/object model required.
  • ROS (for camera, arm, etc.)
  • ROS fully exposed or hidden in container, as desired
  • Web interface
  • KEBA KeMotion Flex Core
Detection time Typ. 1s detection, instant scanning
Processing Standard PC, mid-range/high-end i7 recommended. Installation on existing PC possible.


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