Consulting Services

Experts in computer vision
and robot vision

Computer vision provides fundamental features for smart robots, such as object detection, tracking, navigation and mapping (SLAM), obstacle avoidance or grasp planning. We offer consulting, design and implementation for your computer vision project, both with "classic" algorithms and deep learning. Our expertise derives from 15 years of research at Visevi and the Technical University of Munich.

for smart robots

We design and implement demonstrators and prototypes of smart robotic systems for lab use cases, innovation studies and pilots production. Our prototypes are commonly shown on trade fairs to evaluate customer interest. Besides software development, our work also includes mechanical design, rapid prototyping and integration.

Consulting and development for ROS

ROS (Robot Operating System) is the way to go for smart robots. Cutting-edge algorithms and technologies are readily available, open source. With ROS2 and ROS-Industrial, the codebase is ready for industrial use. We have been working with ROS for 10 years and have published and contributed to numerous packages. We assist you with consulting, system design, development and component integration.

Our Expertise

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Project Roadmap

We typically work on projects according to the following roadmap, which we discuss and adapt with you as needed. This process allows to show results early-on and to reduce project/budget uncertainties, which is especially important when working with advanced technologies. At each stage, you get valuable details and you decide how the project shall continue. Click on the stages to learn more.

In an initial feasibility study, we identify and analyze available products and technologies for your project. You will know what's possible for what budget early-on, even when working with technologies from research.

We implement a prototype or PoC of critical system components that can already be presented as a running demonstrator. This helps to convince colleagues and customers, and also serves as a valuable basis for "hands-on" experiments to define the further project.

We implement your project using the agile development approach with continuous integration. This assures high code quality, quick adaptation to refined requirements and targeted development of the features you really need. Your team can also participate the development and always stays in the loop.

Count on our support all the way: We perform the final integration of the project, making sure it work with your systems. Of course, we provide detailed documentation and coach your team on how to use the project results most effectively.


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