See, detect and grasp: An intelligent gripping system for versatile and sensitive grasping.

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Intelligent gripping system

A gripping system providing the sense of touch

Our intelligent gripping system is a ready-to-use solution for flexible and sensitive grasping applications. It integrates an industrial gripper, a stereo vision system, as well as our sensors for tactile data and optionally force/torque.



Details Recognizes and grasps a large variety of different objects in unstructured environments.

Cost Effective

Details Avoids complex, inflexible and expensive feeding systems.

Ease of Use

Details Allows an easy setup due to a tight integration of the camera, software and gripper.

Reliable Gripping

Details Monitors the gripping process to ensure an accurate, rapid and secure grip.

Our technical solution

Our intelligent gripping solution integrates two grayscale/color cameras, an industrial 2-jaw gripper, as well as universal fingers in a compact package with a standard mount. The fingers are equipped with a layer of rubber foam to support camera-based tactile sensing.

The core of our sensing technology is an image processing software, which derives physical sensor signals from the observation of the rubber foam's deformation during contact. Hence, the sensor functionality is shifted from complex and dedicated hardware modules into our intelligent sensor software. This sensor software provides rich feedback about the grasping process, including tactile/pressure profile, grasping force, gripper opening, object position/count, object shape, object deformation and detailed grasping statistics. Using this data, our multi-goal grasp controller enables intelligent and flexible grasping of varying objects.

Our patented sensor principle allows you to simply replace or adapt the gripper's fingers. This is due to the fact that no wiring is needed in the fingers, since the rubber foam is completely passive and without any integrated electronics.

At the same time, the cameras can be used for various other tasks like for example object recognition and localization. Please get in contact with us to discuss your computer vision requirements.



Fingers with tactile sensors enable sensitive grasping

Object and Depth Recognition

Stereo vision system for object recogntion and depth information

Rich Sensor Feedback

Monitors the gripping process to ensure an accurate and secure grip.

Various End-Effectors

Simply customizable to the customer‘s requirements


Get in contact for more information or a free analysis of your use-case.

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Technical data*

Robotic gripper
Gripper module Gimatic 2-jaw electric parallel gripper
Opening 2x 15 mm, controllable
Grasping force Max. 63 N, controllable
Fingers Length: 60 mm, soft surface, straight shape
Adaptation Length/shape of fingers, custom fingers
Grasping modes Internal/external grasping
Visual markers 1 per finger
Sensitive element EPDM (rubber foam), see tactile sensor
Flange 4x M6, Ø 50mm (ISO 9409-1), e.g. for UR3/5
Connections Power 24V 1A; USB3 (cameras, gripper control)
Resolution 2x 1280x960, 45fps (up to 80fps)
Sensor 1/3”, global shutter, color/mono
Interface USB3, UVC standard
Distance from fingers ca. 150 mm
Position 2 cameras integrated in stereo camera attachment
Field of vision Fingers, grasped object, environment beyond fingers
Visevi software for sensing and control
Tactile profile (pressure profile)
Grasping force
Object detection / position / count
Object deformation
Gripper opening
Grasp statistics
Grasp control Multi-goal: Position, current, force, object deformation
Integration ROS (Industrial)
System requirements Ubuntu Linux, Intel i5 2Ghz, 8GB RAM
Plug & Play Ready-to-use USB stick
Scripting Simplified Python scripting.
Integrated API for grasping, motion commands, sensing, object detection, camera access.

* The technical data describes the current prototype and is only preliminary.


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